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By: Steve Hood

"What makes Anjali MD Skincare so special is that our goal is to replace medical procedures and lasers with skin care"

Dr. Anjali Butani Recently did an extensive Q&A with the editors of POLO DE'MARCO for July.

Dr. Anjali in the Lab

Q1. Anjali MD Skincare has won multiple awards. What makes this brand so special?

What makes Anjali MD Skincare so special is that our goal is to replace medical procedures and lasers with skin care - skin care that is made from energizing botanicals. We believe that nature has the power and the energy to transform people's skin and anything we can do naturally for the skin is great.

Anjali MD Skincare has been nominated for best lndie Beauty Expo Eye Treatment in 2018 and 2019. What makes our product Laser Eye Lift so unique is how it immediately works to target bags, puffiness, and the tired look under the eyes. It has a unique blend of powerful ingredients like GABA, strong panax ginseng, purslane, and hyaluronic acid so you immediately look less tired. We also designed a unique precision applicator to fit perfectly under the eyes, to allow the client to apply the perfect amount of eye serum. That is why Anjali MD Laser Eye Lift is a client favorite.

 ANJALI MD Skincare Products

Q2. Dr. Anjali Butani - you are a laser dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon and
skin cancer surgeon. In your opinion - what do you look for when it comes to everyday skin? What things do people look for when treating their skin?

I believe energized skin is beautiful skin. Simply put, skin needs energy to look brighter, healthier and be at its very best. When I look at someone's skin, I look for how it glows, how bright it is, the smoothness and its ability to bounce back. When I see peoples' skin is depleted of energy, I make it my main goal to energize their skin through my skincare products which are based on energizing botanicals.

Dr. Anjali in the Clinic

Q3. You use a special ingredient called 'bodhi' in your products. What in that ingredient makes that makes you're product so unique and where does that product come from?

Our ingredient Bodhi, also known as sacred fig or pipal, comes from Southeast Asia. Bodhi is a rare, ancient tree with spiritual significance. It is an abundant source of endless life energy. It has been used for thousands of years to heal the mind and body. Its heart-shaped leaves are full of life. They provide energy that can revive the body. I love this sacred botanical, the Bodhi tree, and have used it in Anjali MD Skincare products.

Its benefits are endless - Bodhi rejuvenates cellular energy, restores skin's natural balance and reduces inflammation allowing the skin to return to its glowing radiant state. 

Dark Spot Eraser Mask

Q4. You create products in small batches. Why is that?

All Anjali MD Skincare products are made in small batches because I believe that allows a level of precise quality control that I expect in my products. We use fresh energizing botanicals and it is of utmost importance to preserve the quality, potency and beautiful natural properties of the botanicals. I believe this can only be achieved by making small, controlled batches. This is what my clients deserve and expect. We do not make products by the millions because that is when you begin to lose the quality or lose the essence of the power that you are trying to get your clients and the powerful results that you are trying to get your clients. We maintain exceptional quality control. We procure botanicals that are rare from all around
the world and in doing this, we pay a premium and make sure that these ingredients can be formulated into the most potent small batches so our clients can reliably get great results every time. Our number one goal is to get our clients the best results.

Dr. Anjali About to perform a procedure

Q5. In your bio - you state that you use 'energy' to cleanse the skin and the soul. What do you mean by that? And how do you apply it to your products?

This is a great question. For many years, I have been fascinated by energy and I have been fascinated by light. I think that is why I became a laser dermatologist. I believe that one of the ways that lasers work is by transmitting energy into the skin and that helps skin to reenergize and look younger - it helps 

skin to essentially go through another birth. Energy is the key to life and energy gives us the ability to regenerate - not only to regenerate the skin but also to reenergize and revive the soul as well. I apply that philosophy everyday to my products. When I seek ingredients, the first question I ask is are these ingredients going to help my clients experience a new level of energy in an area they may be lacking in their skin. I look for something special that will revive, rejuvenate and reinvigorate their skin. 

Bodhi Brightening Cleanser

Q6. You use natural botanicals and proven ingredients. What are the proven ingredients and botanicals you use for your products? And how can these ingredients help our skin?

We live in a great time. Dermatology research is one of the core medical areas of research in labs throughout the world. There are proven ingredients such as retinol, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, and Matrixyl 3000. When these proven derma­science ingredients can be mixed with energizing botanicals you get great results and that is something that I always want for my clients.

Dr. Anjali in the Laboratory

Q7. Those people with scars and are acne prone - what can you suggest being a dermatologist?

This is an area that is very close to my heart. Acne can be such a devastating skin condition, not only because of the acne a client may experience now, but also the scars that acne can leave behind that can stay with the client throughout their lifetime. As a dermatologist, I would suggest seeking treatment early because the earlier we treat breakouts, the more we can avoid scars which can have a lifetime impact. Also, there is a cycle of inflammation that we should get under control as soon as possible. If we can get acne under control earlier, the better.
I also believe it is very important for acne-prone individuals to be on a good retinol product, an exfoliating product and also products that promote collagen production under the skin to keep the skin healthy and less prone to acne scars. I focus on all of this in my Anjali MD Adult Acne System and Teen Acne System.




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