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Our Products

Yes, Every product was formulated by Dr. Anjali Butani. Read more about her on the Meet Dr. Anjali Page

We understand your frustrations. Skin aging is difficult, and it’s hard to find products that work.

Our products have been developed by a dermatologist for her patients to get them results, without having to use lasers or procedures. We take great care in making products that are very effective.

Each formula is made with powerful energizing botanicals and scientific ingredients that work to energize your skin and give you the best possible aesthetic outcome.

Let’s be realistic - reversing the signs of aging is difficult. There are competing forces at play, including genetics, continued aging, loss of cells that make collagen and continued damage from the sun, environment and stress. These processes have been going on your whole life and continue as we continue to age.

Our products fight back!

Many clients see an improvement in dullness, dark spots and fine lines after a few uses. With continued usage of the routine, most clients see more improvement day by day.

That’s why we recommend using our skin quiz, or scheduling a consult to get the right products and set propper expectations - each product works in a unique and important way to fight your specific skin concerns.

No. Anjali MD Products do not contain hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is irritating and only reduces pigment in one way.

We use energizing botanicals in each formula to target spots in multiple ways, without harsh side effects.

Yes. Our clients are very diverse and our solutions were developed by Dr. Anjali for all ethnicities and skin types.

Yes. All Anjali MD Skincare products are made for sensitive skin.

Each product should last 4-6 weeks, depending on how much you use.

No. We believe your skin tone is naturally beautiful. Our products do not bleach. They help your own skin glow brighter, with less spots.

Yes. In addition to your face, our anti-aging solutions can be used on your arms, hands and legs.

Yes! The sun plays a major role in skin aging. It’s important to use a pure sunscreen on top of your skincare products. We recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to block out 97% of the sun’s UV rays.

Yes, while we NEVER rely on animal testing, all of our products have been tested in a clinical setting on volunteers to test safety and efficacy.

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Promotions & Subscriptions

No, only one discount code per order. Some discount codes will not apply to subscription orders.

Some discount codes will not work on subscription orders. Please see the details of the promotion. Applicable discount codes will only apply to the first order unless otherwise stated. If you are not sure about the terms of the discount code, open a chat with our customer support to get clarification before placing your order. Offers are subject to change.

Yes, to cancel a subscription you need to log in to your account, Click on 'My Account' and click on 'My Subscriptions'.

To cancel your subscription, find the subscription you would like to cancel and click the 'Cancel' Button.

Please Note: if your order has already shipped, we cannot cancel the shipment or order.

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Yes, we offer Free Shipping on all orders in the United States and on orders over $150 internationally.

Orders over $150 qualify for Free international shipping, However you may be responsible for customs fees and tariffs in your country.

The normal processing time for orders is 3 days during business days. After your order has shipped, delivery time within the US is usually 2-7 business days and 14-30 business days internationally. Keep in mind that international shipments can be delayed for reasons out of our control, such as customs and tariffs (for which you are responsible). Order time may also be increased during holidays or limited edition launches.

Check your email for your Tracking Number and click the link to track your shipment. If your order is marked as delivered, but you have not received it, speak with your mail carrier or shipping service. After speaking with them, open a chat with one of our customer service representatives or call us at (949)287-5699

Please see our return policy here: Returns & Refund Policy

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Customer Support

That's ok! Our skincare counselors are standing by to help.

There's 4 ways to get help:

Chat Support: You can click the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Take the Skin Quiz: Take our 2 minute Comprehensive Skin Quiz and instantly get a detailed skincare routine.

Phone Support: Call one of our friendly skincare counselors at (949)287-5699 and we will build your skincare routine and go over all of your skin concerns.

Current Hours: 9AM - 6PM PT

A few things you can try before contacting support:

Refresh your browser, and clear your cache (Safari: Command + R )(Chrome: Cmd + Shift + R / PC: Ctrl + Shift + R ). You can also try restarting your browser.

If you are trying to use a discount code, it may be unique to your account or email address, Make sure you are logged into your account. You can login Clicking Here

Make sure you don't have other tabs open with different items in the cart. For security reasons, you may not be able to check out when using our website within foreign third party apps.

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