• Reignite the Luminous Glow of Youth with Rapid Brightening Serum and Dark Spot Eraser

Luminosite Radiance
Brightening Collection

Increased Radiance

Step 1 Daily Serum
Brightness Increases over Time

Step 2 Weekly Face Mask

Luminosite Radiance Perfect Duo

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Luminosite Radiance

Brightening Lightening Whitening Skincare Collection

Powerful Brightening ingredients in the ANJALI MD Luminosité Radiance Brightening Collection illuminate skin and reduce dark spots and discoloration. Rapid Brightening Serum provides ultra-hydration while decreasing brown spots and pigmentation, while preventing future discoloration. Dark Spot Eraser, a luxurious brightening beauty mask, reduces brown spots and uneven skin tone, making skin glow with HydraLuma™ technology. A glowing, brighter, more radiant complexion emerges .