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I grew up in Tylertown, Mississippi, a small town 90 minutes north of New Orleans. My mom was the local doctor, and I spent every day after school at her clinic. It was a busy place full of activity with patients who had driven in from miles away. Seeing my mom in her white coat, treating the community and helping her patients, I looked up to her. Like her, I knew I wanted to make a big impact and help people through medicine.

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After working hard and getting into medical school, I fell in love with the science of our skin. Dermatology became my passion – it is the perfect combination of medicine, surgery and art. In time, I became a skin cancer surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon with a focus on laser procedures.

As my practice and career grew, I contributed to dermatology research and wrote several articles on skin science. My work with lasers became well-known and soon my office became a destination for patients from around the world seeking the newest laser treatments.

I treated patients for their complex concerns: wrinkles, discoloration, spots, aging and acne. After treating thousands, I realized that even with the best lasers and technology, we still weren’t able to get great long-lasting results for dark spots, hyperpigmentation and dark circles.

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Inspired by science and the beauty traditions of Indian, Korean, and Japanese beauty, my life’s focus and my life’s passion became to be a leader in brightening skincare.

I knew if I could find a way to help people lessen their discoloration, dark spots, and dark circles, it would give them back their brightness, their illumination, and their glow.

I could give them back their confidence.

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These conditions may appear to be skin deep, but they affect the lives of billions of women around the world. I want to make an impact and help as many people as I can.

I hope to give you, my clients, a brighter, more beautiful future.

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Dr. Anjali Butani

A Leader in Brightening

Dr. Anjali was raised in a small town outside New Orleans. Her mother, a physician, and her father, an engineer-turned-lawyer, raised Dr. Anjali with a love of nature and a desire to pursue scientific discovery for the betterment of society. These powerful role models had a profound effect in cultivating Dr. Anjali's pursuit of science from a young age.

Dr. Anjali’s grandmother, an expert in the centuries-old science of Ayurvedic botanical treatments, inspired Dr. Anjali’s passion for understanding natural elements and their infinite benefits. It has driven her to take some of the world’s rarest and most precious remedies and transform them into the newest, most advanced scientific skincare technologies.

Passionate about Beauty, Art and Science, Dr. Anjali found her life’s purpose in cosmetic dermatology science.

Dr. Anjali completed her medical education in the esteemed Bachelor of Science and Medical Degree Program through the Pennsylvania State University and Thomas Jefferson University. She pursued dermatology at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. She then completed a fellowship in Procedural Dermatology at Northwestern University, with a focus on cosmetic procedures, laser treatments and Mohs micrographic skin cancer surgery.

Her years in private practice, her skilled surgical hands and her meticulous knowledge of cosmetic dermatology and innovative ingredients have culminated in an exceptional level of expertise.

Dr. Anjali has a deeper, multi-dimensional understanding of beauty like none other. She believes beauty is multi-faceted and complex. This deeper perspective on beauty has earned her the trust of the most discerning clients from around the globe.

With every title she holds --- cosmetic dermatologic surgeon, facial rejuvenation expert, makeup developer, skincare formulator, laser specialist, educator --- she is meticulous in her art.

Several of Dr. Anjali’s prestigious accolades include being the author of a medical book chapter on eyelid rejuvenation Blepharoplasty (in Evidence-Based Procedural Dermatology), and a co-author of several dermatology medical journal articles including Recent Advances in Laser Dermatology (in Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy), Premalignant and Early Squamous Cell Carcinoma (in Clinics in Plastic Surgery) and Skin Cancer (Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer) (in The American College of Physicians Handbook of Women’s Health).

High profile clients and fellow physicians turn to Dr. Anjali as the expert in cosmetic dermatology, skincare and beauty enhancement.

Dr. Anjali has practiced dermatology in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County, California. She continues to see select clients at the ANJALI MD Dermatology Institute in Orange County, California while constantly advancing research in skincare science.

The power of bodhi and persian rose awakens skin with a brighter complexion. Skin is left brighter and refreshed, with less brown spots and discoloration.

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In my practice, I recommend using a cleanser with glycolic acid instead of physically exfoliating with harsh tools like loofahs. I tell patients to use their hands in a soft, circular massaging technique to exfoliate and stimulate circulation.

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They’re rich in anthocyanin, an antioxidant that neutralizes the free radicals that lead to wrinkles, brown spots and dry skin

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Dr. Anjali Butani's Research & Publications

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