I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Vitamin C

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By: Dr. Anjali Butani

Vitamin C has so many unique properties that contribute to healthy skin. Here's a few reasons to get products with vitamin-c.


I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Vitamin C- By ANJALI MD SKINCARE

Let's Learn About Vitamin C


Where to start on the amazing powers of Vitamin C? Well for starters, we all know that Vitamin C is a skincare ingredient that lives up to the buzz. We also know that the Vitamin C trend is here to stay. And we also know that  if you’re here, then you already known Vitamin C is good for you.

When it comes to health and wellbeing, Vitamin C is a powerhouse ingredient. But what kind of good does it provide your skin? You know, other than fight off scurvy.

I got to sit down with Dr. Anjali Butani, the founder and creator of ANJALI MD Skincare and talk about all things Vitamin C. Let’s get into it.


Fights Off Free Radicals


Vitamin C


I know that sounds like heavy political statement but trust me it’s not. According to cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Anjali, free radicals are unstable electrons that attack our healthy cells and cause the signs of aging.

Dr. Anjali explains that “ when these unstable electrons in molecules (free radicals) attack our healthy cells, they change the composition so the cells no longer function as young healthy cells do.” So this is where Vitamin C steps in.  A super antioxidant, Vitamin C fights off these free radicals. It is able to donate electrons to help neutralize the free radicals. This is good news because skin affected by sun damage is likely to create free radicals. Therefore, Vitamin C protects your skin and reduces the damage we can’t always see. Vitamin C is just a overall winning ingredient because not only does it help you prevent damage, but it also fixes damage that has already occurred.


Reduces Dark Spots 


Oranges Vitamin C


Brown spots are created when there is increased production of melanin (pigment) in the skin. Dr. Anjali states that this can happen due to many reasons such as “normal to heavy sun exposure, hormones and increases in inflammation in conditions like acne, eczema and rosacea.”  

Vitamin C comes into play here in two ways.  First, it keeps inflammation at bay.  So it stops the trigger that can cause the over-production of melanin.  Second, when pigment does start to form, Vitamin C disrupts key enzymes in the production of melanin. So Vitamin C keeps your skin tone even in the first place and when you do get dark spots and discoloration, get ready to say goodbye to those pesky spots!


Boosts Collagen Production


Lemons Vitamin C


Vitamin C is often a key component in many brightening systems. But does it do more than brighten?  I mean I want to have bright AND tight skin (“young looking” if you know what I’m saying) skin. Dr. Anjali Butani expands her knowledge on that stating “What makes Vitamin such a super charged ingredient is that beyond its brightening power, Vitamin C stabilizes aging collagen and it promotes the production of new collagen molecules.” So in simpler terms, it means that Vitamin C is one of the most reliable ingredients when it comes to anti aging. In fact, our body needs Vitamin C to make collagen. Healthy collagen improves the appearance and texture of our skin keeping us looking more youthful.



My favorite ANJALI MD products are rich in Vitamin C. ANJALI MD Rapid Brightening Serum is packed with Vitamin C and a blend of Bearberry and Songyi Mushroom.  It keeps my skin feeling hydrated and bright all day long. This has become my can’t leave home without product!

So there we have it, Vitamin C is a gift to our skin. Make sure to follow ANJALI MD Learn To Love your Skin for fun and informative articles!

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