• Oct 03, 2018

    What is Micellar Water??

    Micellar water attracts impurities off the skin without water


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    Micellar water has been used for decades in France, where the water was traditionally hard water, which is water that has a high mineral content and is often harsh on the skin. Micellar water grew in popularity as it was an alternative to washing the face with this harsh water.

    The water (sometimes called micellar lotion) is made up of extremely small particles called micelles, suspended in water. These micelles are small lipids that are lipophilic, so they attract oil-based substances such as makeup, sebum and oils…almost like a magnet!

    Micellar water is a great alternative when you can’t wash your face or when water is irritating your skin. People who can’t use a toner also love this product because it doesn’t contain alcohol, which can be quiet irritating to skin. But because micellar water tends to clean the skin on the surface, you should always continue to use a daily cleanser to cleanse skin more thoroughly, especially deeper into pores.

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By Dr. Anjali Butani - Laser Dermatologist, Cosmetic Surgeon and Skin Cancer Surgeon