• Aug 21, 2018

    Vitamin C Brightens the Skin

    by Dr. Anjali Butani

    Vitamin C brightens skin by gently exfoliating dark skin, discoloration and imperfections.


    Hello, beautiful people!

    Vitamin C is a fantastic exfoliator! So why do we even need to exfoliate?? When you’re younger than 25, your skin “turns over” about every 30 days. This means new cells come up from the epidermis and dull cells, pigment and imperfections slough off. This process keeps skin bright and smooth as new cells continuously come to the surface. 🍋🍊

    But as with most things, this process slows down as we get older (sorry!). So dull skin cells stick on the surface longer and new, fresher cells can’t come to the surface. Skin just doesn’t glow. 

    This is where exfoliation comes in to save the day! Gentle exfoliation keeps skin bright and radiant with less spots. Vitamin C is great for exfoliating because it’s natural acidity breaks through the chemical bonds that keep dull skin sticking on the surface. 

    So next time you reach for your skincare, make sure it’s got some Vitamin C!

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