• Jul 27, 2017

    Tropical Trends!

    ANJALI MD Skincare-Learn To Love Your Skin Blog: Tropical Trends-A Guide To Summer Fashion and Beautiful Skin

    Hello, beautiful people!

    We’re in the middle of a hot, hot summer. It’s that time of the year when we all want to go out and enjoy the bright, sunny weather.

    Even I love the summer weather of Southern California. As a dermatologist, I’ve learned to use fashion to keep the sun off my skin.

    Whether you’re kicking off your sandals at the beach, meeting friends for summertime cocktails or spending the afternoon barbequing (is that a verb?), here are some easy clothing tips to keep your skin protected from the sun while you enjoy the season!


    Learn To Love Your Skin Blog-Tropical Trend 1: Wear Long Maxi Dresses

    Invest in some long maxi dresses.


    The last thing you want to do after a fun summer evening is come home and realize you’ve caused major sun damage to your legs. Long maxi dresses keep you looking and feeling cool while protecting the skin on your legs.

    We often forget to protect our legs when we’re applying sunscreen to our face and neck. But if you don’t protect your legs, in time you’ll start to see dreaded discoloration and patchiness. So smear on that sunscreen and find some cute, flowy long dresses that cover your legs and keep you cool.


    Learn To Love Your Skin Blog- Tropical Trend 2: Wear a Wide Brimmed Hat

    Embrace that crazy, big hat.


    You know that huge hat you’re not sure you can pull off?? Now is the time to embrace it!   Skin damage happens all over the skin, including the often-overlooked scalp and ears. Large-brimmed hats keep UV radiation off your scalp and provide an even shadow of protection around the face and ears. So show these areas some love and muster the courage to wear that awesome hat.   (You can do it!!) Check out these amazing wide brimmed hats!  


    Learn To Love Your Skin Blog-Tropical Trend 3: Wide Framed Sunglasses

    Wear those oversized sunglasses.


    Who doesn’t want to look cute in huge Jackie-O sunglasses?   Oversized sunglasses are a must to keep the sun’s harmful rays off the delicate area around your eyes, decreasing your chance of developing frustrating wrinkles around the eyes. It’s an easy way to make sure you’ll look fashionable and keep those crow’s feet away. (It’s also smart to decrease your risk of developing cataracts.) 


    Learn To Love Your Skin-Tropical Trend 4: Summer Scarf Wrap

    Get a summer wrap scarf.


    Now that we’ve covered your legs (literally!), let’s not forget about your shoulders, upper arms and neck. Find a light-weight summer scarf you love, so when the sun comes out you can protect your upper body. Just like the legs, the upper arms and shoulders get a lot more sun exposure that we realize. So get in the habit of carrying a summer scarf to pull out the moment you’re getting sun.   Not only will your skin thank you, but it’s an easy way to add a pop of color.

     I hope these summer fashion tips will keep you cool and fashionable, while protecting your skin from the sun. Let us know if you have any other summer fashion tips to keep your skin summer-safe.


    Be Well. Be Happy. And always - Be Beautiful!

    - Dr. Anjali


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