• May 18, 2018

    Picking Will Cause Acne Scars

    Picking acne causes acne scars and scarring.

    Hello, beautiful people!

    I get asked very frequently how the innocent act of picking at a pimple causes scarring. People don’t want to believe that this simple, often habitually, act can lead to long-term damage.

    Why? Two reasons: fingers and physics. Fingers, in this case, are weapons. Whether you use your nails or just your fingertips, they are like claws that directly damage collagen.

    And as for physics (that dreaded science subject that caused so much stress in high school), it’s simple. If you’re pushing gunk out of the pimple, the same force is pushing pus, bacteria and inflammation deeper into the skin. You think stuff comes out….but no, my friend, you just pushed stuff deeper in!

    I’m sorry to tell you picking can (and likely will) lead to scarring. It won’t show up today or even tomorrow, but every time you innocently pick at those pimples, you’re setting yourself up for future scars. Stop it now!!!

    Dr. Anjali  #ANJALIMD  #LearnToLoveYourSkin





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By Dr. Anjali Butani - Laser Dermatologist, Cosmetic Surgeon and Skin Cancer Surgeon