• Nov 15, 2018

    SPF - Even Indoors!

    by Dr. Anjali Butani

    You need SPF, even indoors, to prevent sun damage, skin aging, skin cancer


    Hello, beautiful people!

    Summer’s wrapping up, but did you know the sun’s rays that cause aging actually cross through regular glass?!?

    I know I tell you all the time you have to wear sunscreen everyday. This is because most people think on a cloudy day it’s ok to skip the sunscreen. But I’m sorry to scare you…it isn’t just outdoor exposure you need to worry about.

    UVA crosses through window glass at home, at work and while you’re driving. So if you don’t protect your skin with sunscreen, all those moments are adding up on your skin, contributing to the aging process.

    Find a sunscreen you love, wear it everyday and protect yourself!

    Dr. Anjali  #ANJALIMD  #LearnToLoveYourSkin





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