• Jul 21, 2017

    So Many Benefits of Bodhi

    Every procedure causes some degree of inflammation and if I could incorporate a product that alleviated that response, I knew I could help my clients in unimaginable ways!

    So Many Benefits of Bodhi- By ANJALI MD Skincare

    So, so, so many beautiful benefits of Bodhi!

    Hello, beautiful people!

    People ask me all the time how ANJALI MD Skincare came to be. It started as a personal mission that began about 10 years ago. 

     As I started my dermatology practice, I searched for skincare that would soothe and calm my patient’s skin before I performed any cosmetic procedures on them. Every procedure causes some degree of inflammation and if I could incorporate a product that alleviated that response, I knew I could help my clients in unimaginable ways.  

    Watch the Film - The Magic of Bodhi

     I sought a multi-tasking solution. I wanted the same products to nourish and heal the skin after the procedure and offer superior anti-aging and brightening benefits that complimented whatever treatment path we were pursuing.

     I was around 27 years old back then (feels so long ago!) and beauty started mattering to me a lot more. I started seeing beauty through my own (maturing) experience and through the thousands of interactions with my clients.

     It took many years and much exploration to find an ingredient that felt perfect – an ingredient that came from nature, that offered numerous benefits and actually worked at multiple levels of the skin. While in Asia, I realized I had known the answer all along. My late grandmother, an expert in the art of natural healing, had taught me years ago about the SUPER ingredient I had been searching for. It was Bodhi – a Sacred and Revered tree used in Asian for over 5,000 years to heal the skin, body and mind.


    The many benefits of Bodhi.

    Bodhi Has Healing Power

    Bodhi has been used to heal the skin, body and mind since the earliest known civilizations. It decreases ailments of the skin, lungs, GI system and countless other body systems. Extensively studied and researched, its healing capacity is a source of constant discovery -- coming from all parts of the tree, from root to bark and from leaf to seed.  

    Bodhi has healing power


    Bodhi Restores Skin’s Natural Balance

    Skin needs balance. Healthy skin is balanced skin. Bodhi restores skin’s equilibrium, it’s natural set-point (homeostasis), allowing it to function in its optimal state. Skin is left more hydrated, more radiant and more youthful.

    Bodhi Restores skin natural balance


    Bodhi Prevents and Reverses the Signs of Aging

    Your skin needs nutrients. These nutrients are abundant when we are young, but they decrease later in life. Bodhi provides the nutrients and building blocks needed to help you signs fight the signs of aging.

    Bodhi prevents and reverses the signs of aging

    Bodhi Rejuvenates Cellular Energy

    Your skin needs energy to blossom and to be radiant. The Bodhi tree holds so much energy, the Bodhi tree’s leaves move even without the wind, in still air. We capture this energy to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin.

    Bodhi rejuvinates cellular energy

    Bodhi is Extremely Anti-Inflammatory

    Inflammation contributes to skin aging, wrinkles and brown spots. Many natural ingredients are anti-inflammatory on the surface level. Bodhi is powerful enough to calm inflammation on a deeper level.  

    Bodhi is anti inflammaotory


    Bodhi Provides an Antioxidant Shield

    Bodhi forms a natural shield for your skin, a powerful antioxidant defense system, that protects your skin from the environment, pollution and particles you face every day, providing the skin a necessary shelter.

    Bodhi provides an antioxidant shield


    Bodhi Provides Oxygen

    Bodhi is remarkable in that it is one of the only trees known to produce oxygen at night, the key element necessary for all life. We harness this beautiful power to oxygenate the skin day and night so your skin can thrive.

    Bodhi provides oxygen


    Bodhi Cools and Soothes the Skin

    Bodhi naturally cools and soothes your skin. When your skin is calm and less irritated, it can be radiant and return to its natural beauty.

    Bodhi cools and soothes the skin

    Be Well. Be Happy. And always - Be Beautiful!  

    - Dr. Anjali



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By Dr. Anjali Butani - Laser Dermatologist, Cosmetic Surgeon and Skin Cancer Surgeon

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