• Jun 05, 2018

    Prevent Winter Skin Now

    by Dr. Anjali Butani

    Moisturize skin now to lock in hydration to prevent dry, itchy winter skin.


    Hello, beautiful people!

    With the weather already changing and the temperature dropping a bit, now is the time you should start moisturizing your skin.

    Winter skin - that rough, dry, itchy skin - that sneaks up on us starts it’s ugly cycle now. Even a small drop in temperature and humidity allows more water to evaporate off the skin. Before you know it, you’re looking like a crocodile.
    Instead of allowing your skin to become dry, start moisturizing now, every. single. day! You don’t have to goop on heavy creams. Find a product you love that leaves your skin feeling soft, hydrated and still able to breathe.

    (My favorite is our Heavenly Moisturizing Cream - super moisturizing, without feeling heavy or sticky).

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