• May 11, 2018

    Oils for Oily Skin

    Oils, lemon, argan, coconut oil, can reduce oil production in oily skin.


    Hello, beautiful people!

    Like every skin type, oily skin has it's benefits. But most people with oily skin don't like looking shiny all the time. While it might seem counter-intuitive, certain oils can reduce oil production.

    Our skin's sebaceous glands naturally produce sebum - a thick, oily substance that our skin needs to function properly. Sebum keeps skin soft, helps keep bacteria out of the body and provides our skin with a waterproof seal. We need sebum...but it becomes a problem when our skin produces too much of it, contributing to acne, skin conditions (sebaceous disorders) and the dreaded "shine".

    Certain oil, if used in moderation, have been proven to reduce sebum production. It's a complex feedback loop, but basically when your skin senses there's enough oil on the skin, it automatically decreases it's natural excessive sebum production.

    Be sure to try different oils to see which one works for you!

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By Dr. Anjali Butani - Laser Dermatologist, Cosmetic Surgeon and Skin Cancer Surgeon

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