• Feb 24, 2020

    It all started with "Heavenly"...

    I’m often asked about how my first cream came to be. It’s hard to explain all the fortunate turns of this amazing journey, but here is the nutshell.

    As a cosmetic and laser dermatologist, I believe lasers are amazing. But they cause inflammation on the skin and they aren't great at treating dark spots, pigment, dullness and dark circles.  I wanted to do a better job helping my patients. So I decided to make a cream to calm my patient’s skin before laser treatments and accelerate healing after. I also wanted to improve dullness, spots, dry skin and wrinkles at the same time, so we could do less laser treatments.

    After years of long nights and many, many revisions, Heavenly Moisturizing Cream was my first creation.  Beyond just being an excellent post-laser cream, I made sure it was the perfect moisturizer to hydrate and soothe skin, brighten dull areas and reduce spots and wrinkles. I also made sure it left your skin with a natural glow, without feeling greasy.  It's something I wanted to use myself, even in the California heat. 

    It was first available only to my patients. But soon I noticed they were coming in even when they didn't have an appointment just to get more Heavenly Moisturizing Cream. When I asked why they loved it, they told me how much it had changed the quality of their skin and how good they felt about their appearance.  Many even cancelled their future laser treatments because their skin just didn't need it after using the cream.  Day after day, they kept telling me how much they loved the cream, the results and how it felt.  They became my heroes, encouraging me to make this available to the world. (And for their support and encouragement, I will be forever grateful.)

    Because of how it came to be, "Heavenly" (as we call it in my office), will always hold a special place in my heart.





Parabens • Phthalates • Hydroquinone • BHT • Fragrance • Synthetic Oils • Synthetic Dyes • Nuts • Dairy


By Dr. Anjali Butani - Laser Dermatologist, Cosmetic Surgeon and Skin Cancer Surgeon