• Apr 05, 2018

    How to Spot Treat Acne

    by Dr. Anjali Butani

    How to spot treat acne with retinol, AHAs, neem, tea trea oil.


    Hello, beautiful people!

    Acne products have 2 purposes: clearing up existing acne and prevention. .
    For clearing up existing acne or a pimple that shows up randomly, it is ok to spot treat just the isolated blemish. Typical remedies include targeting the pimple with retinols, AHAs (glycolic acid) or natural therapies like neem, tea tree oil and ginger extract.

    The downside is that if you’re using a large amount of product to an area, you’ll likely experience side effects, mainly dryness, redness and irritation. Many people are ok with having a large flaky patch on their face with the goal of blasting away the blemish….others are not.

    For acne prevention, it is always best to apply products to the entire acne-prone zone. You can’t predict with precision where the pimple will pop up. So if you break out on the chin, for example, you should treat the entire chin or lower face. If you have acne all over the face, then you should apply your product to the entire face. 

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