• Dec 07, 2018

    How often to Exfoliate?

    How often should you exfoliate?


    Hello, beautiful people!

    Exfoliate twice a week to maintain a more radiant skin complexion. Our skin pushes up millions of dead cells every day, causing the surface of our skin to be covered with a lackluster, dull layer that should be removed (gently!) at least twice a week.

    Because everyone's skin is different, your technique should be tailored to your skin type. People with more sensitive skin should use a lighter form of exfoliation, whether it's with a gentle wash or a soft washcloth.

    People with more resilient skin can handle more exfoliation. This can be done with physician exfoliation (tools) or with chemical exfoliation (products).

    To exfoliate with products, use a mask, like our Dark Spot Eraser Brightening Mask, which uses a fruit enzyme fusion immersed in a jelly to gently dissolve dull skin. It's perfect for a Sunday night treat!

    For physical exfoliation, a motorized or ultrasonic face brush works well, as does a facial scrub product or rubbing with. washcloth. Dermaplaning tools can also work.

    Always remember it shouldn't hurt to exfoliate. Irritation signals that you're over-doing it.

    Dr. Anjali  ANJALIMD  LearnToLoveYourSkin



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By Dr. Anjali Butani - Laser Dermatologist, Cosmetic Surgeon and Skin Cancer Surgeon

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