• Sep 04, 2018

    Fresh Pillowcase, Please!

    by Dr. Anjali Butani

    Change you pillowcase twice a week to reduce acne, oil, makeup, bacteria


    Hello, beautiful people!


    Let your skin get the beauty rest it deserves. You have to change your pillowcase twice a week - aim for more often if you can.  You matter how tired you are, take a minute to switch it off (sorry to preach!).


    All the oils and skin cells we naturally produce get stuck on the fabric, while makeup and bacteria we bring to bed with us adds to this mucky layer.  So while you're getting a perfect night of "beauty" sleep, your skin fighting a constant assualt.


    Do the right thing and get in the habit of switching out your pillowcase regularly.


    Dr. Anjali  #ANJALIMD  #LearnToLoveYourSkin




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