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Adult Acne System

Gain control of your adult acne and get clear, glowing skin.  Our adult acne system fights breakouts and balances how your skin reacts to hormones, stress, pollutants, oil, inflammation and every day life.

For: Acne Prone, Sensitive or Combination skin types

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Everything you need to get Adult Acne under control


Saw Less Hormonal Breakouts, Acne, Pimples & Blemishes*


Saw Less Acne Scars*


Saw Reduced Brown Spots*

In the morning, gain control over adult acne and discoloration. Brilliance Serum fights blemishes and breakouts with our BCG-CLEAR® Technology. An advanced glycolic-lactic acid complex exfoliates imperfections and increases cellular turnover. Mimosa and black pepper improve scars, redness and microcirculation. Zesty Vitamin C brightens the complexion.

Thousands of tiny bubbles that reach your deepest pores to remove impurities, oils and environmental pollutants. Our microscopic bubbles refresh your skin and restore your skin’s natural balance – leaving your skin feeling WOW.

Our Adult Acne Solutions balance how your skin reacts to hormones, stress, pollutants, oil, inflammation and every day life.

Dr. Anjali recognized that adult skin is not the same as teenage skin. She designed this system to target the causes of adult acne – how your skin reacts to hormones, stress, imbalances, sensitivities, pollutants. Our Clarifying Cleanser Magic MicroFoam® transforms from gel to light foam, allowing it to cleanse deeply, brightening skin and clearing acne.

*Self Evaluation Study of 30 ANJALI MD Clients at 4 Weeks


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Answers to Common Questions

Yes. We want you to get the best results. Adult Acne is caused by hormones, stress, diet, environment, oily skin and genetics.

It’s important to target these causes in different ways, throughout the day and night. Each product in the Fights Adult Acne All Day. Brightens Skin. works differently to clear your skin, control future breakouts and erase acne scars.

Clarifying Cleanser is an acne treatment gel cleanser that clears acne and detoxes skin.

Brilliance Serum fights acne throughout the day, brightens skin and increases cellular turnover to reveal glowing skin.

Balancing Lotion renews skin at night, calms skin and inflammation and erases acne scars.

That’s why we recommend using all 3 products - each product works in a unique and important way to fight adult acne.

We understand your frustrations. Adult acne is challenging, unpredictable and can be persistent. We know it’s difficult to address and it’s hard to find products that work for you.

Our products have been developed by a dermatologist for her patients to get them results, without having to use lasers or procedures. We take great care in making products that are very effective.

Each formula is made with powerful energizing botanicals and scientific ingredients that work to clear your skin and control adult acne in multiple ways.

Let’s be realistic - adult acne is challenging. The underlying causes and factors that contribute to adult acne are fighting against your own skin every day (hormones, stress, diet, environment, inflammation).

But don’t worry, our products fight back!

You’ll see clearer skin after a few uses. For persistent, more severe acne that’s been there for a long time, it will take longer. It’s important to remember, adult acne is a chronic skin condition and it may take time to get it under control.

That’s why it’s important to use all 3 products and use them consistently. Each product works in a unique and important way to fight adult acne.

Yes. Adult acne is a chronic, persistent skin condition. Acne likes to come back, so it’s important that you care for your skin consistently and proactively.

After your skin begins to clear and your acne is under better control, you must continue your skincare products so you can maintain your results.

No. Anjali MD Products do not contain hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is irritating and only reduces acne scar pigment in one way.

We prefer natural solutions instead. We use energizing botanicals in each formula to target spots and scars in multiple ways, without harsh side effects.

Yes. Our clients are very diverse and our solutions were developed by Dr. Anjali for all ethnicities and skin types.

Yes. All Anjali MD Skincare products are made for sensitive skin.

Each product should last 4-6 weeks, depending on how much you use.

No. We believe your skin tone is naturally beautiful. Our products do not bleach. They help your own skin glow brighter.

Yes. In addition to your face, our adult acne solutions can be used on your back, buttocks, legs and arms and anywhere you have adult acne.

Yes! The sun plays a major role in the formation of acne scars. It’s important to use a pure sunscreen on top of your skincare products. We recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to block out 97% of the sun’s UV rays.

Adult Acne Clarifying Cleanser


Adult Acne Clarifying Cleanser

  • Clears hormonal acne
  • Fights breakouts and blemishes
  • Reduces acne scars
  • Brightens your complexion
  • Removes makeup, oil and irritants
  • Foaming gel cleanser

Adult Acne Brilliance Serum


Adult Acne Brilliance Serum

  • Morning hydrating moisturizer
  • Clears breakouts and blemishes
  • Controls oil production
  • Reduces redness
  • Fights acne scars
  • Brightens complexion

Adult Acne Balancing Lotion


Adult Acne Balancing Lotion

  • Night hydrating moisturizer
  • Balances skin’s reactivity
  • Brightens complexion
  • Purifies and detoxifies skin
  • Reduces redness and scars
  • Calms irritation

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