Adult Acne

Adult Acne Balancing Lotion

Balancing Lotion synergizes with skin’s nighttime repair process to target adult acne, discoloration and early signs of aging while the body is quietly at rest.

Synchronized Neem and Bodhi calm over-reactivity from hormonal fluctuations resulting in fewer blemishes. Acne-fighting BCG-CLEAR® Complex improves hormonal acne and prevents future breakouts. Time-released Retinol and AHAs stimulate collagen and exfoliate for a smoother, even complexion. Powerful Turmeric detoxifies skin of daily environmental aggressors and stress. Vitamin C and White Tea provide cellular renewal, repair and energy.

A more perfect complexion awakes, rested and renewed, with a natural state of equilibrium.

For: Acne Prone, Sensitive or Combination skin types

15ml / 0.5 fl oz - 30 Day Supply

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A powerful system Designed to fight Severe Adult Acne & Breakouts

Gain control of your adult acne and get clear, glowing skin. Our adult acne system fights breakouts and balances how your skin reacts to hormones, stress, pollutants, oil, inflammation and every day life.

No Nonsense

Hydroquinone Free

Dairy Free

No Synthetic Dyes

Fragrance Free

No Phthalates Or BHT

Parabens Free

Nuts Free

No Synthetic Oils

Soy Free

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