Dr. Anjali Butani - CEO and Creator of ANJALI MD

I am a physician-scientist with an admiration of art, jewelry, light and science.

After years of working with lasers and light energy, I deeply understand how light illuminates the nuances of the world. The slightest reflection, at just the right moment, can bring forth pure radiance.

My world changed when I encountered the jewels of the museums of Paris. These gems were incredibly beautiful. At the perfect junction, the intersection of synchronicity and chance, they glowed with Photoluminescence, the optical phenomenon whereby gems emit the most amazing glow of light.

The jewels shined with brilliant, vivid hues. The glow of the Sapphire spoke most deeply within my soul. At just the right angle of light, the intense color reminded me of the perfect balance of the rich night sky. The tranquil, precise breath when night returns to day.

This moment has stayed with me, as any great memory does. It has inspired me.

I incorporate the radiance of Photoluminescence in the ANJALI MD Jar.

Because an exquisite Formulation can only be presented in an equally beautiful work of Art.

Sapphire Blues, Emerald Greens and Pristine Diamond Reflections…. This is the signature of ANJALI MD.

A Reflection - The most Amazing Glow of Light Night - Because our skin renews in the night to be reborn more radiant than before
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