• Feb 21, 2017

    Three Tip Tuesday: The Daily Basics

    by Dr. Anjali Butani

    Get some sleep. Getting 8 hours of sleep will keep your skin radiant. A good nights rest is nature’s most powerful beauty treatment. While we are peacefully asleep, our body is recovering from the daily damage our skin faces. Also, all the beauty products we apply in our evening routine are the most effective overnight.
    Be smart about sunscreen. Wearing sunscreen every day is very important for protecting your skin from UV damage, a danger that we can’t always see. In addition to protection against skin damage, sunscreen’s added benefit is that it shields us from brown spots, wrinkles and discoloration caused by the sun.
    Hydration is key. Staying hydrated helps increase out metabolism, gives us more energy, boosts our immune system, flushes out toxins and is keeps our skin radiantly bright.


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